Teagowns and textiles is an established business that supplies vintage clothing to films.. Theatres...re-enactments..photo shoots ...dance and the general public.
Although we have a lot of devoted loyal customers we can see that the High Street is losing out to the internet. So Etsy is our way of moving ahead. If you go on to our website... www.teagownsandtextiles.co.uk you will be able to read more about the shop and it's location and you will be directed to this Etsy shop and pattern website.
The shop also provides top designer clothing for men and women as well as vintage.
Our last big 'job' was providing clothing for 'Indian Summers' . If you have any special requests please just ask... We might have it tucked away in the workshop. And if you have clothing you would like to sell... You can send me photographs and i can give you a price by email. Also... If you have something in particular that you want.... If i have it in stock in the shop i can pull it out and put it on to the etsy shop.....
Enjoy the shop..... We hope to list new items every couple of days... We combine postage for multiple orders... Please contact me by email...Annie 07798632247

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